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What is an IVF?

You can contact our counselors for gathering medical information and necessary document. They will discuss with the fertility doctor to set a plan of treatment. You can also make an appointment with our fertility doctor according to your convenience. Normally, IVF program can be started as soon as possible.


Do I need to get an IVF treatment?

IVF treatment is widely used to help infertile patients to achieve pregnancy.

For example:

women with ovulatory problem; PCOS, endometriosis

women with history of recurrent miscarriage

women who need PGS/PGD (PGT-A/PGT-M), in order to check embryos’ chromosome or genetic status.

men with sperm problem or erection/ejaculation dysfunction

couples with unexplained infertility

women who need fertility preservation (cancer patient/social egg freezing)


What is your success rate? (mean Center’s success rate,can we write down 65-80%)

Our overall success rate is around 60-70%. However, individ-ual success rate can be estimated from medical and personal history, age, ovarian reserve, semen quality, etc.


How long does this whole process take?

After your period comes, daily injection will take around 8 - 10 days. Egg retrieval procedure will be set 2 days later.We rec-ommend you to rest at least 1 night after the operation. So, the whole process of stimulation takes around 15 days. You may stay in Bangkok for the whole process, or you can shorten period by starting the early part of stimulation at your hometown by following our schedule. For frozen embryo transfer process, you can prepare your womb at your home town, and stay in Bangkok for 4-5 days.


How long do I wait before being evaluated with a fertility specialist?

You can contact our counselors for gathering medical information and necessary document. They will discuss with the fertility doctor to set a plan of treatment. You can also make an appointment with our fertility doctor according to your convenience. Normally, IVF program can be started as soon as possible.


Which documents do I need to prepare before starting IVF program?

According to Thai’s Law and Regulation, couples’ passport and marriage certificate are needed.


Is it possible to go directly to your IVF center without a preliminary checking?

Yes. You can make appointment by yourself from our website (WeChat, app, etc.), or contact our staff to check the availability.


Can I check chromosome of the embryos?

Our center has a service of 23 pairs of chromosome screening. This technique will help increase pregnancy rate and reduce miscarriage rate after IVF treatment.


Can I choose gender?

Gender selection can be done in case that couples’ offspring at risk of gender specific disease, for example, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Hemophilia, etc.


Is it painful during egg retrieval procedure?

In egg retrieval procedure, you will be put under anesthesia for 10 – 20 minutes, so there will be no pain. After the operation, some women may feel discomfort at the pelvic area, which can be relieve by pain-killer medicine.


How long do I need to stay in bed after embryo transfer?

There is no advantage to stay in bed or leave the work after embryo transfer. You may consider reducing daily activity for few days.


When do I know that I get pregnant?

After blastocyst transfer for 8 days, pregnancy test can be done. We recommend blood pregnancy test in order to serial monitor the pregnancy progression.


Can I deliver naturally after getting pregnant by IVF?

Yes. The route of delivery can be determined same as natural conceive.


After 1st IVF cycle failed, when can I start 2nd cycle?

After 1st IVF cycle failed, you can start 2nd cycle after resting for at least 1 month.


How many IVF cycles can I undergo?

There are no limits to the number of IVF cycles you can have. You can decide to stop or to continue IVF treatment according to your prognosis, costs, and availability.


How many embryos to be transferred to the womb in each transfer cycle?

One or two blastocyst can be transferred in each cycle to avoid higher- order multiple pregnancy, which may be harmful to both mother and babies.


Is frozen-thawed embryo transfer more effective than fresh embryo transfer?

Yes. Frozen-thawed embryo transfer results in higher pregnancy rate and lower implantation rate than fresh embryo transfer. OHSS can also be avoided in high-risk patients.


Is there any higher health risk of the baby after IVF treatment?

The first IVF baby was born in 1978. Overall, there is no increase risk of physical, mental, and psychological healths of the babies from IVF treatment compared with babies born from natural conceive.


Can I get the baby without any disease by using IVF-PGD?

PGS/PGD can be used to screen structural and numerical chromosome abnormalities, and known single gene defects. Disease caused by multifactorial or environmental factors cannot be screened by PGS/PGD.


What is the advantage of blastocyst biopsy compared with cleavage stage biopsy (day 3 embryo)?

There are several advantages of blastocyst biopsy:

Safer for the embryos: on day 3 the embryo contains 6-8 cells, compared with around 100 cells on blastocyst stage. Removal of 1 cell on day 3 embryos has more adverse effect to the embryos, compared with removal of 3-5 cells from blastocyst. So the implantation rate of day-3 biopsy and blastocyst biopsy is different by 20 – 39%.

More genetic information, more accuracy of the result: due to more embryos’ DNA can be analyzed from blastocyst biopsy.

Less risk of PCR failure in case of PGD-monogenic disease

Mosaicism detection: blastocyst biopsy can provide information about mosaicism, which can let us know those embryos’ potential.


What is the advantage of embryos’ chromosome screening?

Transferring of chromosomally normal embryos enables us to avoid delivering babies with Down Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome. Miscarriage rate can also be reduced from 15 – 30% in no PGS cases to 5 – 7% in PGS cases.


Do you do male factor infertility evaluation?

Our center has a service to check semen quality for male partner. In men who have problems of no sperm in ejaculate (azoospermia), ejaculation dysfunction, he can get sperm for IVF treatment by surgical retrieval.


How do I get injection by myself?

Our nurse and counselor can teach how to prepare medicine and do injection by yourself and how to keep medicine in the appropriate environment. Normally, injection medicine must be kept in the refrigerator, not in the freezer, or carry in cooler bag with ice-pack. You can come to our center for daily injection.


How many times of ovarian monitoring do I get during stimulation?

Ovarian monitoring will be done periodically during stimulation process,normally there are 3 times-visit, before starting injection, 4-5 days after injection, 7-8 days after injection. More appointment and monitoring may be done in case of slow-growing follicles, or long-protocol.


Can I do exercise during treatment?

Low impact exercise can be done during stimulation. We recommend to avoid exercise when you feel uncomfortable, few days before and after egg retrieval procedure and embryo transfer.


Is it safe to take herbal products during treatment?

There are many kinds of medicines and herbal products that interfere the treatment effect of injection medicine, which may result in unexpected less follicular growth, abnormal bleeding during operation. So it’s important to let doctor know your current medicine and herbal products to avoid adverse effects during treatment.


Can I get acupuncture during IVF treatment?

Yes. You can get acupuncture to improve egg/sperm quality.


Should I take supplements to help improve my eggs / sperm?

You can take vitamin and supplements that are recommended by our fertility specialist to improve eggs/sperm quality.


Can I have sexual intercourse during ovarian stimulation?

Yes. You may avoid sexual intercourse if you have many follicles grow during stimulation, or feel discomfort at your pelvic area.


Can I have sexual intercourse during endometrial preparation for embryo transfer?

If you have sexual intercourse during endometrial preparation by using natural cycle, or in case that you have your own follicle grows, pregnancy after embryo transfer may be resulted from natural fertilization in that cycle (not from transferred embryos).


What is the age limit for IVF treatment?

From recommendation of Royal Thai College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, IVF treatment should be provided to women age less than 50 years.


How long can I store my frozen egg/embryo/sperm?

Egg/embryo/sperm can be frozen up to 10 year without any impairment of their quality.


What will increase our chance of achieving pregnancy?

Our fertility doctor will set an individual plan of treatment according to the previous medical/personal history and necessary investigation. There will be some recommendation for each patients to improve a chance of success.


Can I get pregnant if I no longer have mense?

It depends on the cause of not having mense.

In case of anovulation from hormonal disturbance, treating of underlying causes or IVF treatment are useful.

In case of ovarian insufficiency, ovarian failure, or menopause, egg donation with IVF treatment is recommended.

In case of uterine removal, IVF process with surrogacy is the treatment of choice (please check each country’s laws and regulation).